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How connect a Zetagi MB+5B to Yaesu FT-8900


Hello, i just search on the internet if someone already connect Zetagi MB+5B to a Yaesu FT-8900. There are many pictures and discussions about this. But i don't see a good picture with wires connected welded inside the Zetagi MB+5B pcb and RJ45 to Yaesu.
I will send my pictures of the Zetagi MB+5B.

Picture: 20211205_175751.jpg are original picture when i open the Zetagi MB+5B
Picture: 20211206_183749.jpg are a picture after cleaning and removing the solder flux
Picture: 20211206_194418.jpg are component side of pcb

Picture: Yaesu FT-8900 mike connection.JPG (pin in/out Yaesu)

Someone any tips or pictures, how you do it?

All information are welcome,

Greetings Danny

Hi Danny, the schematics and make/break pins are here




also see





the 8900 ptt closes to gnd for tx, so referring to the schematics above, the wiring should be pretty straightforward, notice that the yaesu also offers a +8VDC at the mic plug and you may use it to power the mic preamp

I will give a response when i finished it.

Many thanks for your quick reply. I found the problem, but my wife rings the bells to eat.

When the wife calling, you must standup and run !!


--- Citazione da: DannyBranderhorst - 08 Dicembre 2021, 18:42:05 ---I will give a response when i finished it.

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Absolutely, please keep us updated

--- Citazione ---Many thanks for your quick reply. I found the problem, but my wife rings the bells to eat.

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When SWMBO calls...


If I'm not wrong the wiring should be as follows

with such wiring the microphone will be powered directly by the 9V from PIN #3 of the rig connector so won't need a battery, the other connections should be pretty clear (PTT, MIC and GND), the other PINs (1 and 2) of the rig connectors will be left unconnected


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