icom ic - 3210E trasponder si o no ??

Aperto da lucignolo, 07 Dicembre 2007, 23:37:54

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ho acquistato..l'apparato ma non riesco a metterlo in trasponder qualcuno sa come si fa' ?  grazie


bella domanda  io l'ho avuto 15 anni fa....ma non mi ricordo manco se si poteva fare.... ora vado a spulciare tra schemi ed appunti poi ti faccio sapere ...ciao :up:


In order for the ICOM IC-3220 A/E/H to work as a mini repeater you must cut or remove D7 in the logic board before. If you do not do this or your your rig has the diode cut before the following steps will not work!!!

To operate the repeater previously set the transceiver to DUAL using the BAND switch as usual and set frequencies in VHF and UHF bands including offset and CTCSS if required. This modification works both in VFO and MEMORY mode.

Simultaneously hold BAND and SET key. The memory number will display a flashing capital L. Now you are in repeater mode.

To disable push and hold SET until a flashing capital L dissapears. This repeater mode will not be disabled by turning the transceiver off and on.



This transceiver operates as "MINI REPEATER".

Transceiver transmit 144 MHz, receiving signal to 430 MHz or 430 MHz til 144 MHz.

Cut D14 on LOGIC unit.

Set "SPT mode" (See Installation manual)

Push and Hold "Band SW".

Push "LOCK DW". (Flashing "SPT" and appear "L" on display.)