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Model: KA1121


A Super Radio with All the features you dreamed of  !


Click here to see the MP3 Player on the radio.



In the history of Radio industry, never ever had this happened before, a professional quality radio comes with all the dreamed features, combined with old and new. The old Single Side Band and Dual conversion technology made this radio meet the highest standard of the industry, no less than any other single radio that made with the SSB or LW, you can compare it with any radios you collected made in 19 or 20 centuries, in USA or in Europe, this radio has the highest receiving criteria features than any of them.  Try it and believe it ! For the new, everybody is playing a MP3 player or iPod, this radio is built with the laest technology that combines the old traditional Shortwave radio and a MP3 player , which works as a radio recorder too, a 256M memory is good for a 10 hours high quality recording, and hundreds of songs to play from this MP3 player, a mini memory storage too. You can plug any audio out and play on this amplified speaker for the device like iPod or MP3 players.  


The NOAA weather band is an add-on for this radio, it picks up any of the 7 stations all over the country, clear and stable.


Many people try to listen to the oversea stations for home language, this radio picks up them easily and clearly. Start from 140Khz for the long wave signals, you need this radio on your way in a cruise trip to Europe and Bahamas...


The smart rechargeable system can charge the built in batteries for radio and MP3 player.


You can program the station from a txt file and load it to the radio to define your station names and frequencies.


Basic Features and Functions:

1. AM: 140 Khz -520Khz ( Long Wave), 520 KHz- 1710Khz ( MW)

2. FM Stereo: 70Mhz- 88.0Mhz ( Low FM), 88.00Mhz - 108 MHz( Upper FM)

3. SW: 3000 KHz - 29,999 KHz

4. Single Side Band with Fine tuning

5. Sensitivity selections: Local, Normal and DX

6. NOAA Weather Band : Channel 1 - Channel 7.

7. 3 Alarms

8. 100 pages with 400 Memories. 4 in each page.

9.  MP3 Player (256M Memory)

10. Recording features to record Radio station and Voice.

11. Play back MP3 music

12. Audio Line-in as an amplifier.

13. Software to program the preset stations.

14. Lyric edit program to show the lyrics.

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sembra una bella apparecchiatura...peccato nn si veda la foto....Poi l'mp3....puoi registrare tutto cosi...

scusate adesso l'ho visionata forse c'era un prbl nel browser.... :oops:


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